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You just can’t go wrong with our “Chicken & Cheese” sausage, filled with mozzarella & a perfect mixture of spices it has so many tasty flavours! Grill or barbecue and serve with baked sweet potatoes and vegetables making this a delicious and healthy treat!


*gluten free خاليه من الجلوتين

CHICKEN & CHEESE | دجاج و جبن

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1 Kilogram
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  • INGREDIENTS | المكونات

    chicken breast, parsley, spring onion, mozzarella, garlic, water and salt.

    دجاج ، بقدونس ، بصل أخضر ، موزاريلا ، ثوم ،
    الماء والملح

  • COOKING INSTRUCTIONS | تعليمات الطبخ

    cook thoroughly before eating. Grill or pan fry until golden brown, internal temperature of 68 - 74°C.

    تشوى أو تقلى حتى يصبح لونها بنيا دهبي، بدرجه حراره داخليه  فهرنهايت  74-68 مئويه


    Keep chilled at 5°C or below تحفظ مبرده بحراره 5 سليوس او تحت

    Suitable for freezing. Freeze on day of purchase and use within 10 months.


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